Updated: 26-Mar-2002 Committee on Women in NATO Forces

Special Edition


25th Anniversary Committee
on Women in the NATO Forces

The year 2001 is both the 25th and the 40th anniversary of the mission of the Committee on Women in the NATO Forces. To mark these important anniversaries, a commemorative sculpture was presented to NATO in the spirit of the Committee. The outgoing Chair of the Committee, LTC Elleke Overbeke from The Netherlands, presented the sculpture to the Chair of the Military Committee, Admiral Venturoni and the Director of the International Military Staff, Vice Admiral Sir Haddacks, as a symbolic present in recognition of the continued support of the Military Committee and its International Military Staff to the work of the Women in the NATO Forces Committee. The sculpture depicts a woman holding a large eye over her head; the centre of the eye shows a man and woman looking up at the expanding co-operation between them. It is strategically placed at NATO headquarters for maximum visibility, serving as a symbol to strengthen co-operation and cohesion amongst all members of the military staff.

The Committee on Women in the NATO Forces Celebrates its 25th Anniversary within NATO - Special Presentation from the Netherlands

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