Updated: 26-Mar-2002 Committee on Women in NATO Forces

Special Edition


The Year-In-Review 2001

The Year-In-Review is distributed by the Office on Women in the NATO Forces, International Military Staff (IMS). This issue is an update of the 2000 publication of the Women in NATO Forces and provides an assessment of the status of the integration process of women in the Alliance members' nations.

In Line with NATO's policy of enlargement and upon the availability of information, data on Partnership for Peace (PfP) countries will also eventually be included. The integration of women in the armed forces is a gradual process; therefore, it varies from country to country due to differences in culture and tradition, as well as legislative and constitutional restrictions.

Using the Year-In-Review
Explanatory Notes

The Year-In-Review is a quantitative assessment of the personnel strengths of women in uniform in the Armed Forces of NATO member nations. Although similar in format, it has no affiliation with the official publication of The Military Balance produced by the International Institute for Strategic Studies. The Year-In-Review is not an assessment of women or men's capabilities. It does not attempt to evaluate the quality of training, personnel, nor the effectiveness, doctrine, leadership, political will or support from Alliance members. The Year-In-Review is simply an overview of the status of the integration process of women in the military and the work completed in sub-committee by the delegates of the Committee on Women in the NATO Forces. Hence, no analysis of such integration processes is given. Information in this publication is primarily a compilation of each nation's National Report and is comprised of specific data provided by each country.

Country Entries

Information on each country is provided in a standard format, however, the varied availability of information results in some differences. Each entry is composed of a brief introduction of the country's history on the employment of women in their military and information on legislation, organisation, and policies of recruitment. It also covers the employment, service statistics, eligibility requirements, operational deployments, recent and projected developments, which are followed by brief conclusions.

General Military Data

Operational deployment is defined as any mobilisation of forces in support of peace support operations (i.e. peacekeeping and humanitarian missions). This includes information on those who have deployed in support of IFOR/SFOR and other peace support operations. Statistical data was provided by member-nations.

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