Updated: 23-Aug-2005 Committee on Women in NATO Forces

Special Edition


Facing Challenges...

Comments by the Chairperson
of the Committee on Women in the NATO Forces

The events of 2001 reconfirmed in all our minds the need for strong national and Alliance security and defence. Women throughout the NATO Alliance are proud to be members of their nation's Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines and proud to be working to ensure the sovereignty of their nations.

Many people have likened the progress of women in armed services as solely a social issue of equality, fairness or egalitarianism. Having women in the military is sometimes perceived as only having benefit to individual women, not to their military or to their nation. However, being a woman in the military is more about being willing to defend your country, even unto death, and being proud of fulfilling this responsibility of citizenship. We are making valuable contributions to our militaries and to our nations.

The Committee on Women in NATO is about finding the most efficient and effective ways of attracting, selecting, training, developing and employing women so that their contribution to operational effectiveness is of the highest order. This Committee is about ensuring that men and women work well together, that nations within the Alliance work well together and about operational effectiveness throughout the Alliance.

The information you will see as you read through the Year in Review will give you a better understanding of how many women are working within the nations of the NATO Alliance, where they are working and what they are doing. This should give you a clearer indication of the contributions of military women throughout the Alliance.

(Signed on original)
Cheryl Lamerson
Colonel, CAAF
Chairwoman of the Committee Women in the NATO Forces

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