Updated: 25-Mar-2002 Committee on Women in NATO Forces

Special Edition



By the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee

I am pleased to contribute a foreword to this special edition of the publication Year-In-Review of the Committee on Women in the NATO Forces. This publication provides a brief overview of the status of the gender integration process throughout the Alliance.

Collectively, women in uniform represent an important pool of human resources in a wide variety of roles and functions throughout the Alliance.

The Military Committee has relied upon your Committee to identify issues affecting servicewomen in the Alliance, and to provide recommendations for action. You have done that very well in the past and I hope to count on your dedicated members to continue in the future. The Committee on Women in the NATO Forces has long been a valuable forum for discussion of national views on a wide range of issues affecting service women throughout the Alliance. Representatives of each nation have been instrumental in providing a significant amount of information that was required to put together a publication like this one. All these dedicated volunteers need to be acknowledged for their respective commitment and efforts towards the overall improvement of the recruitment and employment, the training and development and the quality of life issues affecting women in uniform. Without their valuable participation, a publication such as this one would not be possible.

This publication provides an excellent overview of the status of Women in the NATO Forces and I applaud the efforts of all those who promote the status of women in the NATO Forces.

(Signed on original)
Guido Venturoni
Chairman of the Military Committee

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