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8 June 2001

Exercise Cooperative Partner 2001

Georgia Hosts for the First Time a NATO Naval / Amphibious Exercise under the Partnership for Peace Programme

From 11 to 22 June 2001, 9 NATO nations and 6 of their Partners will train together in Exercise COOPERATIVE PARTNER 01 in the Black Sea. This is an annual exercise and, for the first time the Republic of Georgia will be the host of a NATO Partnership for Peace exercise.

COOPERATIVE PARTNER 2001 will focus primarily on exercising combined naval and amphibious and humanitarian operations. The exercise will demonstrate Partners' determination to further develop their naval and amphibious interoperability with NATO in the conduct of Peace Support Operations and provision of humanitarian assistance.

After an opening ceremony in the Port of Poti, the force will assemble at sea, and set up at the land training areas. The exercise will consist of a maritime and land based cross-training and teaching phase, followed by a short tactical exercise incorporating most elements of training in a fictitious Peace Support Operation/Humanitarian Assistance scenario.

COOPERATIVE PARTNER 2001 will be controlled by staff deployed from the Headquarters of the Commander Allied Naval Forces South Europe, and the Commander Naval Striking and Support Forces Southern Europe, both based in Naples, Italy with full integration of Partner Nations into NATO Command and Control.

Note to editors:

A Press Information Centre (PIC) will be activated at the exercise area. Media questions prior to the establishment of the PIC should be addressed to:

Major G Vamvakas, Hellenic Army
Viale Della Liberazione,
80124 Naples/Italy;
Telephone: --39 081 721 2437/2971.

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