Press Release

4 Sept. 1998


Partnership for Peace enhanced

For the first time in NATO's history, officers from non-NATO countries will officially begin work integrated into NATO's International Military Staff at NATO Headquarters on Monday 7 September 1998.

Six staff officers from Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Romania and Slovenia will work closely together with five staff officers from NATO members to form the Partnership for Peace Staff Element, a newly created part of the Military Cooperation Branch. Similar Partnership for Peace Staff Elements are also being established at seven other NATO military headquarters to support their staffs' work in all PfP efforts including the development of PfP-related programmes and the planning for NATO/PfP exercises and operations.

A small ceremony to inaugurate the Partnership for Peace Staff Element at the International Military Staff will be held at the Manfred Wrner Building on Monday 7 September 1998 at 18.00hrs. The Secretary-General of NATO, Dr Javier Solana, and the Chairman of the Military Committee, General Klaus Naumann, will be present.

Media advisory:

No press meeting is planned, but the media are invited to be present during the ceremony. Members of the Partnership for Peace Staff Element will answer individual questions. Photo opportunities will be available.

Please direct further questions to the IMS/Public Information Adviser's Office:

Col. F. Salis, tel (+32 2) 707 5422, or Sqn.Ldr. S. Darby, tel (+32 2) 707 5983.

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