Press Release

3 Sept. 1998


Exercise Cooperative Best Effort 98

  1. Troops from various NATO and Partner nations will participate in the Partnership for Peace Exercise COOPERATIVE BEST EFFORT 98 which will take place in the Krivolak Training Area, in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia , between 10 and 18 September 1998. This exercise is evidence of the great importance which the Alliance attaches to the further development of PfP cooperation with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and of the significant contribution of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to the overall PfP programme. It is the first exercise of its kind to be held in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

  2. Cooperative Best Effort 98 is designed to exercise infantry from different NATO and Partner Nations in a typical peacekeeping scenario. It aims to foster mutual understanding and improve interoperability between NATO and Partner Nation soldiers. The exercise will also demonstrate the important contribution, which PfP can make to the fostering of stability and security in the region, a goal which the Alliance considers to be of significant importance.

  3. To date, 26 nations have committed themselves so far to take part in the exercise. The exercise is planned and conducted by Headquarters Allied Forces Northwestern Europe, based near High Wycombe in the UK. It will be conducted at Krivolak, which is about 100 kms from Skopje in the central part of the Republic. Personnel from the following nations will participate: NATO - Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States; and PfP - Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine. Finland is not participating but will provide technical support.

  4. Participating units will begin arriving in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in the week of 7-10 September. After a formal opening ceremony on Saturday 12 September, the soldiers will familiarise themselves with the exercise area and the equipment which is being provided by the Host Nation. The next stage of the exercise will involve units from the participating nations demonstrating their peacekeeping skills and procedures. After the demonstrations, the soldiers will have the opportunity to put their skills into practice.

  5. It is envisaged that the exercise will also include fixed-wing fly-past of NATO aircraft together with a tactical demonstration in the form of an airborne parachute drop in the Opening Ceremony.

  6. Media are most welcome to visit the exercise. Press and Information Centres will be operating in Krivolak and Skopje from 8 - 18 September 1998. Any queries or requests for information prior to the commencement of the exercise should be directed to: Press Information Office, Allied Forces Northwestern Europe, High Wycombe, UK, Tel +44 1494 49 55 20/21/22/23; Fax +44 1494 49 55 26; or Email: Queries could also be addressed to the NATO Press and Media Service in Brussels, Tel +32 2 707 5041.

  7. From 8 September the Press and Information Centre can be contacted at Tel +389 93 68 270 or 300; Fax +389 93 68 182; Email: The Exercise web site can be found at

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