UN Security Council Press Releases


SC/6312 - 14 January 1997
Security Council Extends Mandate Of UNMOP Until 15 July: Resolution 1093, Adopted Unanimously, Calls on Parties To Adopt Measures To Improve Safety of UN Military Observers in Prevlaka Peninsula.
SC/6321 - 31 January 1997
Security Council Calls on Croatian Government to Fulfil Election-Related Commitments: In Presidential Statement, Council Also Condemns Today's Death of UNTAES Peace-keeper in Vukovar
SC/6325 - 14 February 1997
Security Council Reminds Parties To 1995 Dayton Agreement Of Obligations, As Arbitral Tribunal Issues Decision On Brcko Area; Presidential Statement Says Parties Bound by Decision; Arbitral Tribunal Calls for 'Brcko Supervisor' for One-Year Period
SC/6334 - 7 March 1997
Security Council urges Completion of Preparations for 13 April Elections on Eastern Slavonia, Baranja, Western Sirmium: Presidential Statement Acknowledges Date As `Realistic', Says Serbs' Best Interest Served by Participation as Equal Citizens
SC/6337 - 11 March 1997
Security Council Demands Prosecution Of Police Officers Involved In Shooting Incident Near Cemetery In West Mostar: Presidential Statement also Condemns Failure Of Local Police to Protect Civilians from Inter-Ethnic Attacks
SC/6341 - 19 March 1997
Security Council Calls upon Croatia to Facilitate Return of Croatian Serbs to Western Slavonia and Krajina Regions: Presidential Statement also calls for List of War Crime Suspects to be Finalized Without Delay
SC/6354 - 8 April 1997
Security Council Forwards To General Assembly 19 Nominations For International Criminal Tribunal For Former Yugoslavia: Resolution 1104 (1997) Adopted Unanimously; Eleven Candidates to Be Elected as Judges by Assembly
SC/6355 - 9 April 1997
Security Council Suspends Reduction Of Force In Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia: Resolution 1105 (1997), Adopted Unanimously, Responds To Secretary-General's Recommendation, Concern about Fragile Stability in Balkans
SC/6363 - 25 April 1997
Security Council calls on Croatia and Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to cooperate fully with UN Mission of Observers in Prevlaka - In Presidential Statement, Council Calls on Parties To Adopt Practical Options to Improve Peace and Security in Prevlaka Peninsula
SC/6367 - 8 May 1997
Security Council Urges Early Formation of Newly Elected Government Bodies in Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Sirmium - Presidential Statement Urges Prompt Appointment of Local Serbs To Guaranteed Positions in Croatia's Parliamentary, Administrative Structures
SC/6369 - 16 May 1997
Security Council Authorizes Increase of Police Component of United Nations Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNMIBH) by 120 Personnel - Resolution 1107 (1997) Adopted Unanimously
SC/6382 - 12 June 1997
Security Council agrees to Designation of Carlos Westendorp as High Representative for Bosnia Peace Agreement - Resolution 1112 (1997), Adopted Unanimously, Reaffirms High Representative's 'Final Say' on Civilian Implementation Provisions
SC/6396 - 14 July 1997
Security Council Extends Mandate of UNTAES and of Military Observers in Prevlaka until 15 January 1998 - Resolutions on Situation in Croatia, 1119 and 1120, Adopted Unanimously
SC/6413 - 27 August 1997
Security Council Acts On Recommendation From Secretary-General On Proceedings Of International Tribunal For Former Yugoslavia by Resolution 1126 (1997), Terms of Three Retiring Judges Are Extended So They May Complete Adjudication of 'Complex Case'

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