UN Security Council Press Releases


SC/6158 - 8 January 96
Security Council Strongly Condemns Human Right Violations in Croatia's Former Sectors North and South
& the full text of the statement on the situation of human rights in Croatia (S/PRST/96/2).
SC/6160 - 15 January 96
Security Council established United Nations Transitional Administration for Eastern Slavonia (UNTAES), Baranja, Western Sirmium with Chapter VII Mandate
& Secretary-General's Report: Letters on Prevlaka Peninsula
& Draft Resolution S/1996/23 & S/1996/24.
SC/6168 - 31 January 96
Security Council Authorizes Deployment of 100 Military Observers to Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Sirmium. Security Council Meeting,
- Secretary-General's Report and
- Draft Resolution 1043.
SC/6176 - 13 February 96
Security Council approves Establishment of Force Commander Position for Mission in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
SC/6179 - 23 February 96
Security Council Demands Croatia Ensure Full Rights Of Local Serb Population.
SC/6183 - 27 February 96
Suspension of sanctions imposed on Bosnian Serbs announced by Yugoslav Sanctions Committee.
SC/6187 - 29 February 96
Security Council appoints Canadian Justice Louise Arbour Prosecutor of War Crimes Tribunal.
SC/6193 - 14 March 96
Yugoslav Sanctions Committee Modifies Arms Embargo.
SC/6201 - 29 March 96
Security Council Committee Concerning Yugoslavia meets with EU/OSCE Sanctions Coordinator and SAMCOMM Director.
SC/6202 - 4 April 96
Security Council demands that Parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina fully implement Peace Agreement.
SC/6219 - 8 May 96
Security Council Expresses Profound Concern At Failure Of Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia To Cooperate With Tribunal For Former Yugoslavia.
SC/6222 - 22 May 96
Security Council Calls On Croatian Government And Local Serbs To Comply With 95 Agreement On Eastern Slavonia, Baranja, Western Sirmium.
SC/6228 - 30 May 96
Security Council extends until 30 November mandate of preventive force in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
SC/6235 - 18 June 96
Yugoslav Arms Embargo Terminated
SC/6250 - 30 July 96
Security Council Authorizes Deployment of 100 Military Observers with UNTAES for Further Six Months, Until 15 January 97
SC/6253 - 8 August 96
Security Council Expresses Readiness To Consider Economic Measures To Ensure Compliance With Agreement For Peace In Bosnia And Herzegovina,
- Annex document S/PRST/96/34 &
- High Representative's Report
SC/6267 - 20 September 96
Security Council Deplores Croatia's Failure To Execute Arrest Warrants Of International Tribunal On Former Yugoslavia: Presidential Statement Calls for Warrants to Be Executed without Delay.
SC/6274 - 1 October 96
Security Council Decides On Immediate Termination Of All Sanctions Against Federal Republic Of Yugoslavia: Members Adopt Resolution 1074 (1996) Unanimously, Satisfied With Elections Held in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Line with Peace Agreement
SC/6276 - 10 October 96
Security Council Expresses Concern Over Lack Of Progress On Investigations Of International Humanitarian Law In Bosnia And Herzegovina - Presidential Statement Appeals to Parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina To Help Identify Fate of Missing Persons for Humanitarian and Legal Purposes
SC/6290 - 15 November 96
Yugoslav Sanctions Committee Submits Final Report To Security Council and is Dissolved
SC/6290 - 15 November 96
Security Council Extends by Six Months Mandate of United Nations Preventive Force in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Russian Federation, Abstaining on Adoption of Resolution 1082, Says Mission Fulfilled, Calls for Greater Reduction of Personnel
SC/6302 - 12 December 96
Security Council Sets Up Stabilization Force -- SFOR -- To Succeed Existing Operation -- IFOR -- In Bosnia and Herzegovina
SC/6306 - 20 December 96
Security Council Expresses Concern At Continued Acts Of Harassment And Attacks Against Croatian Serbs - In Presidential Statement, Croatian Government Called Upon to Cooperate Fully with Former Yugoslavia Tribunal

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