3066th Meeting
April 7, 1992

Resolution 749 (1992)

The Security Council,

  • Reaffirming its resolutions 713 (1991) of 25 September 1991, 721 (1991) of 27 November 1991, 724(1991) of 14 December 1991, 727 (1992) of 8 January 1992, 740 (1992) of 7 February 1992, and 743 (1992) of 21 February 1992,

  • Noting the report of the Secretary-General of 2 April 1991 (S/23777) submitted pursuant to resolution 743 (1992),

  • Recalling its primary responsibility under the Charter of the United Nations for the maintenance of international peace and security,

  • Welcoming the progress made towards the establishment of the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR), ... and the continuing contacts by the Secretary-General with all the parties and others concerned to stabilize the cease-fire;

  • Expressing its concern about reports on the daily violations of the cease-fire and the continuing tension in a number of regions even after the arrival of UNPROFOR's advance elements,

  1. Approves the report of the Secretary-General of 2 April 1992 (S/23777);

  2. Decides to authorize the earliest possible full deployment of the UNPROFOR;

  3. Urges all parties and others concerned to make further efforts to maximize their contributions towards offsetting the costs of UNPROFOR, in order to help secure the most efficient and cost-effective operation possible;

  4. Further urges all parties and others concerned to take all action necessary to ensure complete freedom of aerial movement for UNPROFOR;

  5. Calls upon all parties and others concerned not to resort to violence, particularly in any area where UNPROFOR is to be based or deployed;

  6. Appeals to all parties and others concerned in Bosnia-Herzegovina to cooperate with the efforts of the European Community to bring about a cease-fire and a negotiated political solution;

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