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Updated: 16-Dec-2008
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CC-Land Madrid HQ is getting ready to take over JLSG
for NRF 12.

The Joint Logistic Support Group (JLSG) HQ is an expeditionary logistic headquarters and will be fully operational by 1 January 2009. The NATO Response Force (NRF) operation support is complex, demanding and never without risk; therefore, the JLSG is task oriented in order to match the mission with functional logistic staff elements and logistics units under one commander.

CC-Land HQ Madrid is the most experienced headquarters in JLSG, since it was operational from 1 July 2007 to 31 June 2008 under the command of JFC Naples for NRF 9 and 10 rotations.

Because the force is tailored to each mission, the core capability of the JLSG is built around a cadre from CC-Land HQ Madrid and JC Lisbon, as operational command. Additionally, the Components Commands, NATO Force Structure units, and other nations or agencies are providing augmentation to the HQ, when required.

Training for the JLSG is a continuous process and is focus on supporting combat operations in a deployment, under the most complex, difficult conditions and in a violent and life-threatening environment. Training at this level of proficiency provides an effective, efficient, and coherent force to perform logistic command and control at theatre level. That way, in the upcoming months, JLSG is to perform some Battle Staff Training in their home units and directed by JFC Naples. Furthermore JLSG will be completely involved in exercise Noble Light 08, which is deployment training for JSLG, while NRF 12 Land Component Command is certificated. But the milestone for NRF 12 will be exercise Steadfast Joiner 08, in November.

When fully implemented, the JLSG can number over 1800 troops and be responsible for conducting Reception, Staging and Onward movement of NRF Units; providing, storing, and distributing various classes of supplies and providing Medical support at theatre level. Ultimately, close cooperation with National Support Elements, local authorities, international organizations and non-governmental organizations is crucial and will help make our operations a success.