Updated: 05-Jun-2013
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Force Command Madrid participating in Joint Effort 2013 Exercise, Strasburg

Written by Manuel GORDO, OF4 ESP A
Pictures by EUROCORPS, PAO.

Exercise JOINT EFFORT 2013 has been conducted from 20 to 30 May in Strasburg, at the location of the EUROCORPS Headquarters (EC HQ).

The overarching goal of EXERCISE JOINT EFFORT 2013 was to train the EC HQ as JOINT TASK FORCE (JTF) and JOINT LOGISTICS SUPPORT GROUP (JLSG) HQ. Framework member nations, partner nations, augmentees from different NATO Commands and non-military actors were the players in this Battle Staff Training.

EUROCORPS HQ can be assigned missions within the framework of NATO, the EU and the UN or after a joint decision of the framework nations (Germany, France, Belgium, Spain and Luxemburg). On these conditions, EUROCORPS can conduct land operations across the operational spectrum. With this series of exercises, EC HQ has demonstrated its readiness to Command a Joint Operation in a complex environment.

Almost 800 personnel took part in the exercise. Of these, 11 were personnel from Force Command Madrid who contributed to the success of the exercise in positions within DISTAFF, JTF HQ and JLSG cells.

Although deactivation for this HQ date is very close, FCMD continues to provide its expertise to NATO activities.