Updated: 29-Apr-2013
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HQ FCMD Duathlon

FCMD NCOs Education and Training Programme

Written by Spanish Army OR-9 Juan Pedro GARCIA DEL PRADO
Photos by Spanish Navy OR-5 Francisco BLANCO

25th April 2013 was D-day for the FCMD Duathlon.

After spending some time with preparations, which kept several people busy with meetings, coordination, discussions, checks, etc., the day arrived: sunny, clear skies and a bit windy.

Some last-minute details were arranged early in the morning, and at about 0900 the Supporting Personnel started to appear in the Transition area. After being provided with Motorolas, vests, whistles, etc., some left to take up their positions along the Bike and Running Tracks as controllers, while others stayed in the Transition Area to support the organization. About 20 people supported this event.

At the same time, participants started to show up and a kind of ‘biking atmosphere’ was present from the very beginning. The high number of participants (40) has been the main reason for the success of this event. They came to the Control Desk to collect their number, they prepared their places in the Transition Area, and began to get ready with some warming-up exercises.

The commentators played their role perfectly and music was played over the PA, contributing to an excellent environment.

OF-7 RIVAULT honored this event with his presence. He addressed the participants, thanking them for their participation and giving some pieces of advice on security. After this, OF-7 RIVAULT gave the start to the competition at 1030 hrs.

It was about 13 km on the bike, and 5.5 km running. The tracks were perfectly marked, and in addition to this, controllers helped to direct participants at the crossings. Very easy for a few, exhausting for others, finally all participants crossed the finish line with no incidents, receiving their drinks and their gift bags.

With many visitors in the Transition Area clapping and yelling to welcome arriving participants, who congratulated each other for having finished successfully, music playing and speakers announcing the arrival of every participant, the atmosphere was excellent.

Congratulations to OR-8 ARIZA, who was the winner (53’ 26”) and to OF-4 RENAUT, who arrived in second place (55’ 17”), and of course, to the rest of the participants, who contributed to the success of the whole event.

The supporting staff was an invaluable tool for the success of the event, so THANKS for your altruistic collaboration. 

Please, do not forget that this race has been a try-out for the main event, which is the 4th COMMANDER’S CHALLENGE CUP (TRIATHLON) to be held on 6 June.