Updated: 27-Feb-2013
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FCMD briefed on the new ALTERNATIVE ANALYSIS procedure

Continuing with the FCMD academics programme, on 22 February LTC Menendez (USA Army) and MAJ Evans (USA Marines Corps) gave a conference on the new concept of Alternative Analysis (ALTA).

ALTA offers a broadly usable capability for NATO that supports the application of independent critical thought and the development of comprehensive solutions to the entire spectrum of problems faced by the Alliance.

ALTA can be used at all levels throughout the NATO Command Structure to enrich problem-solving and decision-making, thereby increasing organizational effectiveness. The application of Alternative Analysis provides the decision maker with a more comprehensive view of the task in hand, exposing unforeseen considerations that could otherwise cause a solution to fail.

This innovative idea seeks to boost critical thinking during the Planning Processes that staff regularly execute in NATO HQs. ALTA does not imply modifying current procedures but rather enhances and supports them. The ALTA facilitator employs analytical techniques that lead to critical thinking in an effort to improve products and, in selected circumstances, to provide alternative perspectives.

Through the corresponding Implementation Plan NATO expects this concept to reach Full Op Cap as of June 2013. 

Following the exposition, attendees raised many questions showing their high interest in the subject.