Updated: 27-Feb-2013
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Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE) briefs FCMD
in Sahel issues


Two analysts from the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE), Brigadier General Miguel Angel Ballesteros, the Director of the Institute, and Lieutenant Colonel Jesus Díez Alcalde, came to FCMD on 13 February to give a lecture to the members of FCMD on the topic “THE SAHEL, A FAILED REGION”. The briefing was divided into two talks followed by a round of questions.

BG Ballesteros explained why the Sahel has degenerated into a failed region unable to control its territory or to provide public services. The Tuareg issue, weapons trafficking, the lack of armies and police forces with the capacity to control the region, and the reasons for France’s decision to intervene were the most important ideas presented.

LtCol Díez followed with a briefing focused on the factors of the conflict in Mali.

After the two briefings, many questions were put forward for consideration, showing the high interest in the issue. 

The IEEE (ieee.es) is an Agency of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, under the Directorate General for Institutional Relations. Its main objectives are to promote discussion and analysis of new scenarios that affect our security and the doctrines and strategies to ensure it; to transmit to society the evolution of the concept of national defense, and to raise the cultural level of Spanish society on Security and Defense.

The conference was based entirely on open sources intelligence and consequently, cleared as unclassified. This activity was organized as part of the routine academics offered at FCMD.