Updated: 27-Feb-2013
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Force Command Madrid’s 1B personnel
back home from ISAF mission

Written by Italian Army Major Pasquale DI BISCEGLIE
Pictures by French Navy Chief Petty Officer Christian VALVERDE

Headquarters Force Command Madrid (FCMD) hosted the Joint Logistics Support Group (JLSG) Seminar from 25-26 February 2013.  Thirty-eight officers from 19 NATO headquarters attended the seminar, including a representative from the JLSG in Kosovo.  Seminar topics included JLSG functional tasks and responsibilities, lessons learned from the FCMD JLSG deployment to KFOR, JLSG support to maritime forces, and core staff/augmentee training requirements. 

Future changes in the NATO Command Structure and the NATO Force Structure will require more NATO HQs to provide a JLSG core staff element or augmentees in support of NATO operations.  In order to help these headquarters understand the tasks ahead of them, the two JLSGs in Force Command Madrid developed a JLSG Expertise Transfer Plan.  The plan included support to numerous training events, exercises and conferences to share knowledge, expertise, procedures and lessons learned to the NATO operations and multinational logistics support communities. 

The seminar was the culminating event of the FCMD Transfer Plan, and was a follow-on event to the FC Heidelberg JLSG Conference held in November 2012.  The two-days of briefings and lively discussion helped clarify misconceptions, identify unresolved issues, and close open items.  Additionally, it brought together the key stakeholders of the NATO logistics community.  As with any conference the attendees built relationships that will help them with their execution of their JLSG tasks.  SHAPE has closely coordinated with ACO, ACT, JFC Brunssum, JFC Naples, and other NATO HQs to ensure that future doctrine, conferences, exercises and training events include increased emphasis on JLSG in NATO operations.