Updated: 21-Jan-2013
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Farewell Ceremony for the 3rd FCMD deployment in Afghanistan

Written by French Navy Chief Petty Officer Christian Valverde
Photos by Spanish Navy OR-5 Francisco Blanco

On January 14th, on a cold but sunny day, Commander Force Command Madrid, Spanish Army LTG Alfredo CARDONA TORRES presided the farewell ceremony for the third rotation contingent which will reinforce in the coming days the International Security Assistance Force Headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan.

This rotation is composed of both military and civilian service members, from 4 different nations, all belonging to FCMD HQ in Spain. They will perform a 6 month tour, taking over from the personnel in the second FCMD rotation which is currently being redeployed to Madrid.

Following the protocol for the ceremony, LTG CARDONA reviewed the troops, saluted the families and then addressed a few words to the service members.

“Once again, FCMD heads NATO’s commitment against international terrorism. Although this rotation is the smallest, this does not imply that the job is less important” said the Commander.

LTG CARDONA underlined the importance of FCMD’s pledge to participate in the ISAF mission, which is now facing a great challenge with the transition process to the Afghan authorities. “NATO peace keeping efforts are about to achieve their goals”. LTG CARDONA added.

Paying tribute to the outstanding work carried out in the last year by the previous rotations, he encouraged this next one to keep up the current high levels of efficiency in performing their duty.

Finally, the Commander addressed warm words to the families. “All FCMD members remaining in this HQ will provide you with any support you may need during this difficult time, we will be closer than ever”.

With the deployment of this rotation, almost 150 of FCMD’s personnel, military and civilians, will have participated in ISAF from January 2012 to June 2013.