Updated: 18-Dec-2012
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Awarding Ceremony at the Portuguese Embassy

Written by Captain Jose JAIMEZ
Pictures by OR-5 Francisco BLANCO

Following the proposal made by the Portuguese Senior National Representative at Force Command Madrid, Major General Jose NUNES FONSECA, the Portuguese Chief of Defence, General Luis ARAUJO, has awarded two General Officers of this HQ with prestigious Portuguese decorations: LTG Alfredo CARDONA TORRES, FCMD Commander, has been awarded with the First Class Military Merit Medal, while Major General Joel RIVAULT has received the Cross of Saint George, Cross First Class.

These two decorations were presented to the recipients by the Portuguese Ambassador to Spain, His Excellency Mr Alvaro MENDOCA e MOURA on the evening of 12 December, during a simple but emotive ceremony held in the Residence of the Portuguese Ambassador.

After some words of recognition on the merits of the awardees by the Ambassador, who also took the opportunity to publicly congratulate Major General FONSECA for his recent promotion, both LTG CARDONA TORRES and Major General RIVAULT thanked the Portuguese authorities for the distinctions received, recalling their long-standing relationship with the Portuguese Armed Forces that, in the case of General CARDONA TORRES, dates from his years as a young officer, when he obtained the Portuguese parachutist wings.

The ceremony was also attended by a delegation of Officers and NCOs from HQ FCMD who took the opportunity to congratulate the awardees and to exchange impressions with them over the Porto wine served during the vin d’honneur that followed the official ceremony.