Updated: 28-Nov-2012
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University Rey Juan Carlos visits
Headquarters Force Command Madrid

Retamares 26 November 2012

In the spirit of collaboration between Force Command Madrid HQ and diverse institutions, a group of International Relations students from the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid (Spain) visited our Headquarters on 26 November.

Rey Juan Carlos University’s Degree in International Relations is designed to prepare highly qualified professionals in this field. Its principal objective is to offer theoretical and practical training that allows students to successfully enter a wide range of professions directed at leadership, management, coordination and analysis in the framework of international society, its organisms, and its institutions.

In this context, the students were briefed on NATO’s basic concepts and the outcomes of the Chicago summit, legal aspects of NATO Operations and NATO Operations themselves by subject expert matters at the HQ. Academics were performed in Spanish and English, as requested by Rey Juan Carlos University.

Lieutenant General Alfredo CARDONA TORRES, Commander Force Command Madrid, offered a warm official welcome to the group and later took part in the final discussion. Students posed questions on the lectures. The legal status for NATO Operations was one of the issues that sparked the greatest interest.

Finally, a group photo marked the official end point of this fruitful visit.
On 3 December, second-year students will pay a visit to our HQ following the same programme.