Updated: 29-Oct-2012
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From 23 to 25 October 2012, Headquarters Allied Force Command Madrid (HQ FC MAD) conducted the Bi-Force Command Corps Commanders Conference (Bi-FC CCC) in Solbiate Olona, Varese, Italy

The Bi-FC CCC is a bi-annual conference aimed at fostering informal links between the two Allied Force Commands in the NATO Command Structure (Madrid and Heidelberg) and the 9 HQs within the NATO Force Structure. This meeting is a forum to discuss common issues related to land forces as well as to exchange and receive information about experiences from operations and exercises.

The conference are been co-chaired by the NATO Force Commanders from Madrid and Heidelberg, Lieutenant General Alfredo Cardona Torres (ESP) and Lieutenant General John W. Morgan III (USA). Main topics discussed have been the NATO Land Command and Control concept, the build up of a Joint Task Force, implementation of AIR/LAND planning, development regarding Regional focus, new organization of Training and Evaluation of NATO, the stand up of the new LAND COMMAND, implementation of  the Joint Logistic Support Group and Combat Readiness Evaluation of Land HQs activities.

The meeting has been hosted by Lieutenant General Giorgio Battisti (ITA) Commander NATO Rapid Reaction Corps ITALY at “UGO MARA” barracks.

The conference’s social highlight was a reception and a dinner at the historic CUSANI Palace, considered the finest example of Milanese private housing of the early 17th century.

An in all, the Conference has been a success in a time when NATO is moving to a new structure where nations and Graduated Readiness Forces, as NRDC ITA, will play a greater role in the future activities.