Updated: 30-Nov-2010
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Media training at Allied Force Command Madrid

18 Nov 2010
Capt. Gianluca MANFREDELLI – Allied Force Command Madrid PAO

From 16 to 17 November, Headquarters Allied Force Command Madrid was the venue for a Media Training event organized by the Force Command Madrid DJSE1 Public Affairs Office. The activity was held in consideration of the increasing role of the Media in achieving awareness and understanding of NATO’s role and mission, and was characterized by a factual and practical approach.

Based on the concept that anybody can potentially act as a spokesperson, the training was dedicated to key leaders, experts and the members of the Operational Liaison & Reconnaissance Team (to be deployed prior to any operation with the mission to assess and evaluate its needs) in view of the upcoming Exercise STEADFAST JUNO 2010 to be performed in December this year.

The event was conducted over a two-day session, and was attended by about 50 people selected among the Headquarters.

The workshop consisted of collective briefings – focused on the Media landscape, the role of the spokespersons and interview techniques – and individual interviews and press points, given by a selected training audience. Every single activity was videotaped and publicly commented, so that all participants could share as much feedback as possible.

To make the whole training event more realistic, several role-players from the Headquarters acted as journalists asking questions to the trainees.

A prestigious military journalist – Mrs. Carol SAYNISCH – provided the necessary professional supervision and mentoring, therefore making the entire training utterly effective and profitable.

The activity was remarkably successful, both for the effective way in which it was conducted and for the benefits it has provided. All participants have treasured this valuable experience allowing them to improve their professional background and acquiring greater awareness on how to deal with the media whenever required to by the circumstances.

The multifaceted scenarios where NATO is increasingly called to operate, and the crucial role of the Media in supporting the Alliance in the pursuit of its aims and objectives, make this kind of training a crucial tool for the success of any mission.