Family Support Centre

Last updated: 26-03-2012

In order to support the spouses and families of the deployed HQ personnel, the HQ has re-established the well-proven “Family Support centre” from previous HQ deployments.

If you wish, we would be happy to support you in the following issues:

  • Serve as your contact centre;
  • Serve as your Information centre (Telephone, FAX, INTERNET);
  • Welcome Centre DVD list (download form here)
  • Moral  &  Welfare Issues;
  • Coordinate with your National Support Element and Senior National  Representative
  • Serve as your Family Support Element in case you do not have a National Family Support Element or if they are far away.

Our Primary Task:

  • To  keep contact with the deployed personnel and their Headquarters in Theater on a regular basis;
  • To assist the families of deployed individuals in clarifying matters of urgency,  if required (banking, insurance, problems with car, technical problems at home, etc.):
  • To  keep the Headquarters Command Group updated on all family matters of interest,
The Family Support Centre opens on 16 January 2012
Point of Contact
POST NAME PHONE/ fax  91 512 6466
Chief FSC:  Mr. Lucas   659 664 554
Admin Assistant FSC: Mr. Garlito 91 512 6516


659 648 194
Privileges FSC: Mrs. Patricia Halfhide 91 512 6071
Mr. Herrero 91 512 6537
Mr. Garcia 91 512 6352
Vehicle Registration Mr. Palacios 91 512 6224
Mr. Vallejo 91 512  6306
MWA Mrs. Rosalia De la Fuente 91 512 6408
LINGUISTIC SERVICE: Mrs. Jane Wintle 91 512 6386