12 Oct. 2010
Updated: 18-Oct-2010
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ISAF engagement: Chief-Of-Staff of Heidelberg’s DJSE1 assumes responsibility of the STABILITY Division at HQ ISAF, Kabul

By LTC Thomas Dippel, PAO HQ FC Heidelberg

11 Oct. 2010
The Stability Division - in anticipation of the HOTO

Kabul, Afghanistan, 11 Oct 2010 – In a small ceremony in front of Headquarters ISAF’s main building, Major General (MG) Richard Rossmanith, Chief-Of-Staff DJSE 1 and currently deployed to ISAF, took over leadership of the Stability Division.

In the course of the ceremony, MG Claudio Mora (ITA), who led the Stability Division since October 2009, relinquished leadership to MG Richard Rossmanith (DEU).

Handover accomplished - MG Mora (left) and MG Rossmanith (right)

The Stability Division is ISAF’s primary intermediate with the national and international actors in Afghanistan, supporting the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to build good governance and development capabilities. At this stage, the Division has just undergone a thorough review of its tasks and resources, which resulted in the activation of a new personnel structure (CE) at the beginning of this October. The new CE foresees an increase of both scope of work and personnel resourcing the re-established or newly established branches of the Division:

  • the Directorate of Governance,
  • the Directorate of Economic, Agriculture and Infrastructure Development,
  • the Directorate of Human Resources Development,
  • the Directorate of Civil-Military Synchronization,
  • the Directorate of Aviation Development.
First Speech to the Division

To meet the requirement, the staff of the Division will be increasing from about 80 to 162 personnel. Since personnel with the required job qualification are scarce the acquisition of the required staff for the Directorate will be one of the challenges to be dealt with in the upcoming future.

The Sign of Power of a HQ ISAF Division Chief - His Cell Phone

As for HQ FC Heidelberg: For the time being, HQ FC Heidelberg is the sole headquarters in the NATO Command Structure having deployed the Chief-Of-Staffs of both its DJSE to HQ ISAF in support of the ISAF mission. MG Hubert De Vos (BEL), Chief of Staff of Heidelberg’s DJSE 2, already deployed to HQ ISAF in December 2009. He is in the lead of the Resource Division and is supposed to re-deploy to Heidelberg in early December.

MG Claudio Mora, who previously led the Stability Division, will return to Italy and be appointed Commander of the “MANTOVA” Division and Deputy Commander of the “1st Field Operative HQ”.

MG Richard Rossmanith, on the other side, will lead the Stability Division towards and into 2012, thus ensuring continuity of leadership, direction and effort in “Stability”, the Directorate interfacing the most with civil sector development in Afghanistan.

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