Family Support Centre

In order to support the spouses and families of the deployed HQ personnel, the HQ has re-established the well-proven "Family Support centre" from previous HQ deployments.

Our Primary Tasks:

  • To keep contact with the deployed personnel and their Headquarters in Theater on a regular basis;
  • To assist the families of deployed individuals in clarifying matters of urgency, if required (banking, insurance, problems with car, technical problems at home, etc.);
  • To keep the Headquarters Command Group updated on all family matters of interest.
  • The Family Support Centre opened on 27 January 2010.

Chief FSC:  Cdt Eric de Vilder   06221-398-5279
Admin Assistant FSC: Claudia Pradel 06221-398-5670
Privileges FSC: Mrs. Eva-Maria Pach


Senior Translator: Mrs Caroline Hemingway 06221-398-5702

Allied Force Command Heidelberg celebrates its last Family Fest

Allied Force Command Heidelberg

“This is the last Family Fest for Allied Force Command Heidelberg and a great opportunity to recognize all the wonderful work done by this headquarters,” said LTG John W. Morgan III, the commanding general as he opened the event. “We recognize your families and their contributions to this headquarters. Let’s enjoy Family Fest 2012.”

FSC Newcomers Briefing - 31 Aug. 2011

On Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011, from 17.15 - 18.30 hours, the Family Support Centre organized a briefing on behalf of our Commander, Lieutenant General John W. Morgan III, for all newcomers to our headquarters and their families.

Visit to the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) in Koblenz - 24 Aug. 2011

On 24th August the Family Support Centre of Force Command Heidelberg organized another highly pleasurable outing for Headquarters personnel and their families. This time the destination was the Federal Horticultural Show in Koblenz, or BUGA as it is known by its German name.

FSC Family Information Briefing - 31 May 2011

On 31 May 2011 the Family Support Centre held an information briefing for soldiers of the next rotation II B deploying to ISAF and their families. The aim of these briefings, of which several have been held in the past as well, is to prepare soldiers and their family members on family matters related to deployment.

Family Support Centre Sunday Icebreaker Coffee - 30 Jan. 2011

With each new ISAF Rotation, it is the tradition of the Family Support Centre (FSC) to host an Icebreaker Sunday Coffee. For the first time in 2011 and on the occasion of the departure of Rotation 2A, Icebreaker Sunday Coffee was organized for the families of deployed soldiers and civilians.

Family Fest 2010 : Families are our priority - 14 Sep. 2010

The annual “Family Fest” is a social event very welcomed in Headquarters Allied Force Command Heidelberg (HQ FC HD). Every year colorful, attracting theme stalls run by each Nation and furnished accordingly are set up in the International Support Kaserne (ISK), providing a unique occasion for promoting cohesion, integration and mutual understanding between the HQ-members (belonging to more than 20 Countries), their families and their guests.

HQ bids farewell to the second rotation deploying to ISAF - 23 July 2010

On 23 July 2010, Headquarters Allied Force Command Heidelberg (HQ FC Heidelberg) conducted a Farewell Ceremony for the second rotation of HQ personnel to be deployed to Afghanistan in order to support NATO’s continuing ISAF mission.

River Rhine Valley : A Day-Trip to German History for the Families - 8 May 2010

On 8 May 2010, the Wine Club of the headquarters, in co-operation with the Family Support Centre, conducted a one-day trip with spouses and families of both deployed and non-deployed HQ personnel to the “Upper Middle Rhine Valley”, a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

FSC hit the road to the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim - 13 March 2010

On 13 Mar 2010, the Family Support Centre (FSC) of Headquarters Allied Force Command Heidelberg (HQ FC Heidelberg) conducted a one-day visit with spouses and families of deployed HQ personnel to the “Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim”.