2011 News
Christmas Address and Santa Claus Event - 14 Dec. 2011
Heidelberg key leaders welcome General Langheld in CP 156
On 14 December 2011 two important events took place at FC Heidelberg. Firstly, the Commander of FC Heidelberg, Lieutenant General John W. Morgan, held his Christmas address to the entire staff of FC Heidelberg.
Commander's Holiday Reception- 7 Dec. 2011
Heidelberg key leaders welcome General Langheld in CP 156
On 7 December 2011, Lieutenant General John W. Morgan III, Commander Headquarters Allied Force Command (FCHQ) Heidelberg hosted the Holiday Reception at the Village Pavilion on Patrick Henry Village in Heidelberg.
Force Command Heidelberg is ready for NATO Response Force 2012 - 1-3 Nov. 2011
Heidelberg key leaders welcome General Langheld in CP 156
Pabrade, Lithuania – Service members from Headquarters Allied Force Command Heidelberg and NATO Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum Headquarters earned their certification for the NATO Response Force (NRF) 2012 during STEADFAST JUNCTURE 2011 (SFJE 11), 1 to 13 November at Lithuanian Armed Forces Training Area in Pabrade.
Valentijn Scholten – the Flying Dutchman - 8 Oct. 2011
Mr. Scholten is proud to have finished his first Hawaii ironman
Heidelberg – Who would have thought that a member of the Force Command Headquarters Heidelberg (HQ FC HD) has participated in the infamous World Championship Ironman competition at Kailua-Kona, Hawaii?
Traditional German reception was held on the occasion of the German Unity Day - 5 Oct. 2011
12th army music band is playing the national anthem of Germany
Schwetzingen - Under the central idea: 'Construction of the Wall 50 years ago' this year’s German reception on the occasion of the Day of German Unity has taken place.
Allied Force Command Heidelberg conducts Operation Overlord staff ride - 26-30 Sept. 2011
German Cemetery: Black crosses and head stones mark the lives of more than 21,000 German Soldiers that lost their lives during the Normandy battle at La Cambe Cemetery. The cemetery was one of several sites senior officers and non-commissioned officers from Allied Force Command Heidelberg visited during the unit’s staff ride, Sept. 26 to 30.
Senior officers and non-commissioned officers of Headquarters Allied Force Command Heidelberg conducted a staff ride to Normandy from Sept. 26 to 30.
Soldiers sacrifice forever remembered - 24 Sept. 2011
(Left) Commander Headquarters Allied Force Command Heidelberg Lieutenant General John W. Morgan III and (Right) Army Brigadier General Robert Ferrell, director of Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4 Systems), U.S. Africa Command ride in a World War II Jeep while Brigadier General Arnold Gordon-Bray, deputy director of Operations, U.S. Africa Command mans the machine gun.  They participated in the Wereth 11 commemoration ceremony honoring 11 black Soldiers who gave their lives during World War II.
The Wereth memorial will forever mark a place in military history.  It is the only memorial in Europe to remember fallen U.S. Soldiers of African-American descent and stands as an example of the enduring bonds forged between the people of Wereth and the Soldiers’ sacrifice.
Multinational Headquarters in Heidelberg gives a warm welcome to his first Croatian officer - 9 Sept. 2011
Croatian flag is being raised
The Croatian flag is now waving in the sky of Heidelberg, Germany. The flag was raised while the nation’s anthem played in front of the Headquarters Force Command Heidelberg’s (HQ FC HD) main building on Sept. 9.
Multinational Headquarters hands over donation to kindergarten “Children-Planet” - 7 Sept. 2011
From left to right - Mr. D'Achille,his daughter Giada, his wife Barbara, Mrs. Anna-Maria Albore, Brigadier General Salvatore Albore and Mrs. Margit Boesen-Schieck
The kindergarten “Children-Planet“ received a donation of 2,300 Euro as the result of a lottery organized by the NATO Headquarters Force Command Heidelberg (HQ FC HD) Italian community.
NATO families join in annual family fest - 7 Sept. 2011
Commander Headquarters Allied Force Command Lt. Gen. (LTG) John W. Morgan III places a cowboy hat on the daughter of Col. (COL) Patrick Hogan at the NATO Headquarters Allied Force Command Heidelberg’s Annual Family Fest, Sept. 7.  (Photo by Peter Gonzales)
Families of NATO Headquarters Allied Force Command Heidelberg gathered in a spirit of camaraderie for food and fun at the unit’s annual Family Fest held Sept. 7.
Greek Delegation visited Force Command Heidelberg - 27 July 2011
Greek Delegation visits FC HQ Heidelberg
On 27 July during their two days visit to United States Army Europe (USAREUR) a delegation of Greek politicians and journalists briefly visited Headquarters Force Command Heidelberg (FC HQ HD).
FSC Newcomers’ Briefing - 31 Aug. 2011
On Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011, from 17.15 – 18.30 hours, the Family Support Centre organized a briefing on behalf of our Commander, Lieutenant General John W. Morgan III, for all newcomers to our headquarters and their families.
Visit to the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) in Koblenz - 24 Aug. 2011
On 24th August the Family Support Centre of Force Command Heidelberg organized another highly pleasurable outing for Headquarters personnel and their families. This time the destination was the Federal Horticultural Show in Koblenz, or BUGA as it is known by its German name.
Force Command Heidelberg farewells last rotation to Afghanistan - 26 July 2011
Commander Headquarters Allied Force Command (FC HQ) Heidelberg Lt. Gen. John Morgan III and Heidelberg Mayor Wolfgang Erichson farewell a NATO soldier during a deployment ceremony, July 25. The soldier is one amongst 70 completing Heidelberg NATO’s mission with International Security Assistance Forces in Afghanistan.
Soldiers from across 13 countries deployed together to serve as the last Heidelberg NATO team in support of International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) in Afghanistan, July 26.
FSC Family Information Briefing - 31 May 2011
Ms. Hernen being presented flowers from Maj De Vilder Chief Family Support Center
On 31 May 2011 the Family Support Centre held an information briefing for soldiers of the next rotation II B deploying to ISAF and their families. The aim of these briefings, of which several have been held in the past as well, is to prepare soldiers and their family members on family matters related to deployment.
Three countries in three days – Key leaders went on battlefield tour - 30 May 2011
A salut to the fallen comrades
“Everybody of us will have more than 100 emails in his inbox when we will be back in Heidelberg and the same amount of reasons why one cannot attend this tour. But at the end you will see that it was worthwhile joining the team because it is about socializing and team building.”
Force Command Heidelberg is dancing - 13 May 2011
Force Command is dancing
On 13 May 2011, the Force Command Heidelberg Spring Ball took place in the spectacular King's Hall of Heidelberg Castle, one of Germany's most important cultural monuments.
Polish Constitution Day Concert - 8 May 2011
Brigadier General Grabowski awarding soldiers
On the 8th of May 2011 at the Portland Forum in Leimen, the Polish community of Heidelberg celebrated Polish Constitution Day. Guests from Force Command Heidelberg (FC HD), United States Army Europe (USAREUR), NATO Communications Heidelberg (NC HD) and many other representatives from the military and civilian communities took part in the event.
Train as you fight - 29 Apr. - 6 May 2011
Brigadier General Eddy Staes (right) explains the situation on a map
From 29 April to 6 May 2011 around 20 NATO soldiers mainly from Joint Force Command Brunssum (JFCBS), Headquarters Force Command Heidelberg (FC HD) and the Component Commands deployed to the Joint Warfare Center (JWC) Stavanger to train for an exercise at the end of 2011.
NATO Financial Controllers discussed current issues - 13-15 Apr. 2011
Brigadier General Eddy Staes (right) explains the situation on a map
From 13-15 April 2011 HQ Force Command Heidelberg (HQ FC HD) hosted this years spring Financial Controllers conference at Emmelshausen close to Koblenz.
Intelligence Conference in Heidelberg - 30 Mar. 2011
Discussing CCIRM course at NATO School Oberammergau
From 29 to 31 March the Collection Coordination Intelligence Requirements Working Group (CCIRM WG) with experts from the NATO Command Structure came together in Heidelberg for their annual meeting.

Bi-FC Corps Commanders Conference I-11 - 17 Mar. 2011
All participants in front of GNC HQ
From 15 to 17 March 2011, Headquarters Allied Force Command Heidelberg (HQ FC HD) conducted the Bi-Forces Command Corps Commanders Conference (Bi-FC CCC) in Münster/Westphalia, Germany.
... because we deserved it - 7 Mar. 2011
The Zugspitze presented itself in the best light
Füssen, February/March 2011 – Headquarters Force Command Heidelberg (HQ FC HD) is supporting the ISAF mission with around 80 personnel more than one year now and will continue until January 2012.
Tell Me a Story - General Morgan at the Mannheim Elementary School - 13 Feb. 2011
LTG John W. Morgan III Commander Allied Force Command Heidelberg guest reader for The Heidelberg-Mannheim Parent to Parent read "More Than Anything Else" to children family members on 13 February 2011
On 13 February 2011, the Military Child Education Coalition’s Heidelberg-Mannheim “Parent to Parent” Team hosted a book reading in Mannheim Elementary School.
Mission accomplished! Well done! - 10 Feb. 2011
Happy to be back
On 5 February 2011 39 soldiers from rotation 1B returned from their operational deployment in support of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Kabul.
CSM JFC Brunssum visits HQ Force Command Heidelberg - 1 Feb. 2011
Chief Warrant Officer Dave Preeper CSM JFC Brunssum
On 01 February 2011, CWO M. Saulnier, CSM HQ Force Command Heidelberg, welcomed the CSM Joint Force Command Brunssum, Chief Warrant Officer Dave Preeper, CAN Army.
Family Support Centre (FSC) Sunday Icebreaker Coffee - 30 Jan. 2011
Children playing on Smart-for-Two car
With each new ISAF Rotation, it is the tradition of the Family Support Centre (FSC) to host an Icebreaker Sunday Coffee. For the first time in 2011 and on the occasion of the departure of Rotation 2A, Icebreaker Sunday Coffee was organized for the families of deployed soldiers and civilians.
Farewell of Mrs. Semin Mock and Mrs. Jeanne Laepple - 27 Jan. 2011
From left to right: LTG Morgan, Mrs Mock, Mrs Laepple and Major General Hubert De Vos
During the Chief of Staff's New Year address to staff from Allied Force Command Heidelberg, Commander, Lt-General Morgan and Chief of Staff, Major-General De Vos bid farewell to two NATO Civilian members of the Staff.
It won’t always be easy – as usual - Chief of Staff’ New Year address - 27 Jan. 2011
Major General Hubert De Vos during his New Years address to all military and civilian staff members
On Thursday, 27 January 2011 the Chief of Staff (COS) Allied Force Command Heidelberg (FCHD), Major General Hubert De Vos, held his New Year address to all military and civilian staff members.
Take care and be vital - Force Command Headquarters Heidelberg bids farewell to its third ISAF contingent - 13 Jan. 2011
LTG Morgan bids the soldiers personally farewell
On Thursday, 13 January 2011 the Commander Allied Force Command (FC HQ) Heidelberg, Lieutenant General John W. Morgan III, together with the representative of the City of Heidelberg, City Councilor Ernst Gund, said farewell to 58 soldiers from 10 different nations leaving for Afghanistan to support the ISAF mission.
2011 News