Closure of the FCHD and transition to the new Land Component Command Izmir

Allied Force Command Heidelberg

FCHD remains committed to ensuring effective land capacity for the Alliance.

An essential element of this responsibility is synchronizing, ensuring interoperability, capability and validation of NATO Force Structure (NFS) training requirements in support of the Allied Level of Ambition. In accordance with the ACO Initial Transition Plan, during 2012 FCHD will also begin to transition Land Competency expertise to the new Land Command (LC) located in Izmir, Turkey.

There are myriad tasks associated with this effort. Some of the most significant ones are:

  • Establish transition teams to transfer knowledge, train, assist and support LC cadre to initially accomplish the mission in 2013.
  • Support the LC with initial planning for CREVAL/OCC events for 2013-2014 in order to ensure a continuity of training related tasks.
  • Identify training requirements and provide guidance for an overarching training plan to include courses required by the LC.
  • Assist in the requesting of NATO courses at the NATO school in Oberammergau, Germany for 2013.

After operations, land advocacy is the top priority and the HQ staff will focus their efforts on the success of transition. Transition of the Land Competency Expertise to the new LC will continue to be the main focus for the duration of 2012.

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