Updated: 17-Mar-2008 NATO Multimedia

Virtual Exhibits / Expositions virtuelles

On a regular basis, NATO organises exhibitions in the Press Entrance at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. We invite you to a virtual visit of these exhibitions by clicking on the banners.

Mar. 2008

"Securing our Future" : NATO multimedia exhibition in Bucharest
The exhibition, organized at the occasion of the April 2008 NATO Summit in Bucarest highlights the Alliance’s current operations, capabilities and partnerships as well as NATO’s role in responding to existing and emerging security challenges.

July 2007

NATO-Ukraine a distinctive partnership
A special exhibition, highlighting the partnership between NATO and Ukraine and to mark the 10th anniversary of the NATO-Ukraine partnership

June 2007

NATO-Russia a pragmatic partnership
A special exhibition, highlighting the partnership between NATO and Russia

July 2006

Afghanistan photo story
The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force assumed command of the Southern region of Afghanistan from US-led Coalition forces, further extending ISAFs mission since NATO took command of the ISAF mission in Kabul in August 2003.

Mar. 2006

New NATO HQ - Revised Design
The wings of the building have now been offset: major and minor wings now oppose each other across the narrowed Agora (central corridor), which gives it a more functional layout than in the original design.

Jan. 2006

Pakistan relief operation
A special exhibition, highlighting
NATO's relief operation in Pakistan.

Dec. 2005

NATO-Russia: a strategic partnership
A special exhibition, highlighting
the partnership between NATO and Russia
Afghanistan votes
A special exhibition, highlighting
the elections in Afghanistan
Manlio Brosio 1964-1971
A special exhibition, highlighting the work of the former NATO Secretary General, Manlio Brosio.

Sep. 2005

Jun. 2005

Dec. 2003

Women at NATO / Les femmes à l’OTAN
A special exhibition, highlighting the work of women in the Alliance, from political consultation, to work in the field in the Balkans and beyond.

Dec. 2003

Afghanistan: ISAF in action / Afghanistan: l’ISAF en action
On 11 August NATO took over command of the UN-mandated International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, the Alliance's first mission outside the Euro-Atlantic area. This exhibition features images of ISAF troops carrying out their day-to-day duties, including on patrol and assisting the local population.

Sept. 2003

NATO in Action / L'OTAN en action
A selection of images depicting NATO's work on the ground in the Balkans and elsewhere to deliver security, stability, cooperation between members during exercises and joint decision-making.

April 2003

Exhibition on Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

An exhibition prepared by the NATO WMD Centre to increase public awareness of the problem associated with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and to present the Alliance’s actions in meeting this challenge.

Oct. 2003

10 Years of Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council
A virtual gallery of the exhibition "Building Bridges of Cooperation and Trust" offering a visual impression of the birth of the EAPC, the EAPC at work as well as examples of practical cooperation, illustrated with photos of bridges in the countries of the EAPC.

Oct. 1998

A Virtual Visit to the North Atlantic Council
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The only body established by the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949, the Council has remained the nerve centre of NATO, reaffirming the solidarity of the Alliance and the independence of its member countries whenever it meets. Take a look from the Chairman's seat or step into the middle of the Council using Quicktime VR technology.

Oct. 1997

NATO 30 years in Brussels
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On 16 October 1967, NATO's International Staff and the then-15 national delegations to the North Atlantic Council (NAC) settled into their new Headquarters, over the former runways of the old Brussels airport. This exhibition looks back at 30 years of NATO Headquarters in Brussels.


Sarajevo I Survived
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Unbeknown to the public, Manfred Wrner, the late NATO Secretary General who died in August 1994, had wounded boys and girls saved and given medical treatment in Western Europe. Forty children from Bosnia, who were taken to Frankfurt, drew pictures for the late Secretary General, painting their fears and their experiences to unburden their hearts. They also wanted to say thank you.