Updated: 23-Sep-2002 EADRCC Exercises


Exercise "Bogorodsk 2002"

Exercise aims and objectives

Exercise Aim

The general aim of Exercise "Bogorodsk 2002" is to practice the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) procedures and Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Unit (EADRU) capabilities in order to improve EAPC nations ability to respond to a disaster, and to practice the stricken nation's capability to effectively coordinate international disaster response operations.

The specific aim of this Exercise is to improve consequence management following an attack with Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR) agents.

Exercise objectives

The objectives for this Field Exercise include:

  • Deployment of various civil or military disaster response elements to the stricken nation;
  • Reception and host nation support for civil or military disaster response elements;
  • Coordination and communication of the Russian Local Emergency Management Authority (LEMA) with the national and international disaster relief elements. All participation teams will have a liaison officer in the LEMA;
  • Coordination between international disaster response elements and their Russian counterparts;
  • Training in "Detection and Identification of victims", "Decontamination", Fire fighting", "Search and Rescue in collapsed building", "Evacuation of affected population" and "Medical Treatment";
  • Interoperability of Communication equipment and procedures; and
  • Public information during disasters
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