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6 July 2010

Floods in Moldova

On 6 July 2010, the EADRCC received a request for urgent disaster assistance from Moldova. Defensive alert is being maintained on the length of 1352 km of the Republic of Moldova main rivers – Nistru and Prut.

The Prut river is flooding on the whole Republic of Moldova length. The peak of the flood in the Nothern part is due to happen on Friday- Sunday. On the hole length of the Prut and Nistru river the water level is measured over Highest Water Level. The most serious damages caused by the floods are in towns Edinet, Briceni, Ungheni, Cahul, Causeni.

Flood protection works are ongoing in 51 villages of the 17 counties. Apart from the personal of the disaster management and the large number of firemen, militaries and customs guards take part in the flood protection works. The floods affected about 31.078 ha of agricultural lands, destroyed 11 bridges, 4 dams, educational and administrative buildings.