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26 Jan. 2009

Main Planning Conference for Exercise
“Zhetysu 2009”

A consequence management field exercise organized by the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) in co-operation with Kazakhstan, the host nation, will be conducted in September 2009. The fictitious scenario for the exercise will be based around an earthquake scenario. The exercise is a contribution of Kazakhstan to the Partnership for Peace (PfP) program. It will be the ninth EADRCC field exercise and the first EADRCC exercise hosted by Kazakhstan.

In follow up to the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) held from 20 to 21 October 2008, for the Kazakhstan – EADRCC exercise “Zhetysu 2009” it was agreed that that the Main Planning Conference (MPC) with planners from Kazakhstan, other participating EAPC nations, NATO Military Authorities, and the EADRCC will take place from 22 to 23 April 2009 in Almaty.

During the Main Planning Conference, Draft Exercise Instructions, to be circulated in due time, will be discussed. Planned host nation support, including border crossing procedures, financial issues, medical support, logistics, accommodation, meals, etc. will also be discussed in detail.

The Directing Staff (DISTAFF) meeting will commence on 21 April 2009. In addition to developing the detailed scenario and event list, this meeting will include a training session on the MESIS exercise support software. Consequently, members of the DISTAFF are requested to be at Almaty on the morning of 21st April 2009. The programme of the DISTAFF meeting will be sent to those who indicate their participation when returning the exercise support staff questionnaire.


Deadline for participant documentation: 9th March 2009

- MPC Participation Questionnaire

- MPC Registration Form including information on visa requirements:
See for information about Kazakhstan’s Embassies, permanent representations, diplomatic missions, consulates and consulates general abroad.

Participants from countries without Kazakh diplomatic representation have to fill out the following form – and send it together with their passport to the EADRCC.

- Hotel room reservations: made with the Ministry for Emergency Situations, Kazakhstan. A copy of the hotel reservation should be sent to the point of contact at the EADRCC.

- Requests for financial assistance: containing dates and times of departure and return travel and the anticipated travel costs.