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Exercise "UUSIMAA 2008"


1 June 2008 - NATO
NATO disaster response exercise kicks off in Finland

9 May 2008 - NATO
Exercise “UUSIMAA 2008”

Situation reports
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Request for assistance

01/06/08 - (.PDF/93Kb)
Situation report 1

01/06/08 - (.PDF/85Kb)
Situation report 2

04/06/08 - (.PDF/91Kb)
Situation report 3

05/06/08 - (.PDF/95Kb)
Situation report 4
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Study on road transport limitations (.PDF/93Kb)

Key links
Website of the Crisis Management Centre (CMC), Finland
Photo's of the exercise site

A consequence management field exercise organized by the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) in co-operation with Finland, the host nation, will be conducted in June 2008.

As one of the final steps in the planning process the Final Planning Conference (FPC) for the Finnish – EADRCC exercise UUSIMAA 2008 was held in Helsinki, Finland on 9-10 April 2008. The conference was co-chaired by Mr. Pentti Partanen, Director General of Department of Rescue Services, Mr. Timo Viitanen, Director of International Affairs, Finnish Ministry of the Interior and Mr. Guenter Bretschneider, Head EADRCC.

All together, more than 110 representatives of 25 EAPC nations participated in the Conference. In addition, the Civil Protection Committee, the Joint Medical Committee, the Food and Agricultural Planning Committee, and the Planning Board for Inland Surface Transport were represented. 

The main objectives of the conference were to draft the Injects List for the field activities and to finalize host nation support arrangements for the exercise. It was also important to agree on other aspects of the exercise such as training, observers’ programme, demonstrations and seminars.

According to the final confirmations 25 EAPC nations will deploy civilian and/or military teams with approximately 1100 personnel to participate in the exercise.

Timetable for the Exercise

Arrival day (staff): 31 May (Saturday)
Arrival day (teams): 1 June (Sunday)
Training day, CPX: 2 June (Monday)
Arrival day (observers): 3 June (Tuesday)
Active exercise days: 3 – 4 June (Tue. – Wed.)
Closing day (Demonstration, Evaluation, Ceremony): 5 June (Thursday)
Departure: 5 – 6 June (Thu. – Fri.)

The exercise “UUSIMAA 2008” is a Finnish contribution to the Partnership for Peace (PfP) program for 2008. It will be the eight EADRCC field exercises and the first one hosted by Finland. During the exercise a celebration is planned to mark the 10th anniversary of the EADRCC.

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