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Helping Albania fight forest fires

July 2007

Request for
23 Jul. (PDF/24Kb)
Situation Reports
13 Aug. (PDF/90Kb)
7 Aug. (PDF/26Kb)
2 Aug. (PDF/24Kb)
31 Jul. (PDF/27Kb)
29 Jul. (PDF/23Kb)
27 Jul. (PDF/25Kb)
26 Jul. (PDF/37Kb)
Executive Summary
6 Aug. (PDF/16Kb)
3 Aug. (PDF/90Kb)
31 Jul. (PDF/22Kb)
27 Jul. (PDF/25Kb)
26 Jul. (PDF/27Kb)
Map of the forest fires
1 Aug. (PDF/3.374Kb)

Approximately 100 fires have been burning during this week, affecting approximately 1.500 hectares of forest. At the moment, the largest fires are burning in the regions of Kukes, Tropoja and Erseka (Germenj). There exists an urgent need for air intervention because the use of standard fire fighting equipment is ineffective, since the disaster area is mountainous.

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