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Coping with heavy snowfall in southern Kyrgyzstan

Situation Reports
24 Apr. (PDF/73Kb)
7 Apr. (PDF/24Kb)
30 Mar. (PDF/53Kb)
17 Mar. (PDF/55Kb)
13 Mar. (PDF/42Kb)
Request for
28 Feb. (PDF/36Kb)

In January and February 2006, heavy snowfalls in southern Kyrgyzstan destroyed about 2000 buildings, including 77 schools and 168 administrative buildings.

On 28 February, the EADRCC received a request for assistance from the Kyrgyz Republic.

The requested items included food and winter clothing.

In line with its procedures the EADRCC forwarded the request to NATO and partner countries and published daily situation reports on the development of the situation, the assistance provided and the outstanding needs.

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