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Joint Assistance Exercise 2005

09-13 October 2005


A Chemical-Biological and Radiological (CBR)-consequence management field exercise will be organised by the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre EADRCC in cooperation with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and the Security Service of Ukraine.

The field exercise, will focus on response to a terrorist attack using chemical agents and will be conducted in the area of L'viv ( Ukraine).

The active exercise period will be from 9 to 12 October 2005, followed by a day with presentations and demonstrations on 13 October 2005. At present, in addition to the host nation, a total of sixteen EAPC-nations indicated their willingness to participate in the exercise by sending teams or providing other support.

The exercise's Main Objectives are the following:

  • To practice EADRCC procedures and EADRU capabilities in order to improve consequence management capabilities for responding to a terrorist attack using a chemical agent in EAPC nations;
  • To practice OPCW procedures and capabilities;
  • To practice Co-operation with the OPCW and other relevant International Organisations;
  • To exercise the co-ordination of the delivery of international assistance by setting up an UN-Model OSOCC (On-Site-Operations an Co-ordination Centre)
  • To strengthen the stricken nation's capability to effectively co-ordinate consequence management operations including international assistance in a demanding emergency situation; and
  • To exercise the use of the EAPC CBR Inventory.

The EADRCC has meanwhile distributed the Exercise Instructions, which includes all updated organisational, logistical and administrative details. The participants are recommended to study the document carefully as part of their preparations for the exercise. For ease of reference all forms can also be downloaded from this EADRCC web-site

An observers programme (PDF/8Kb) will be organised from 11 to 13 October 2005, consisting of possibilities to visit exercise sites and/or to participate in seminars organised concurrent with the field activities.

In addition, observers can also participate in the Demonstration day on 13 October. A detailed programme can be found in the Exercise Instructions. As far as the seminars are concerned, four half-day seminars will be organised, two by the EADRCC, and two by Ukraine. The two EADRCC seminars will be organised in close cooperation with the Civil Protection Committee and Joint Medical Committee and will focus on Crisis Communication and Psychological Aspects of Terrorist Attacks respectively. They will aim at promoting an in-depth exchange of information on these important issues, which are closely linked to the main objectives of the exercise. The deadline for registration is 1 September 2005

Regarding border crossing procedures, participating teams are requested to complete existing simplified forms on equipment they intend to bring to Ukraine. These declarations will be stamped by relevant Ukrainian authorities and will be forwarded to border customs officials. Border crossing and import and re-export of equipment will be free of charge to participating countries. Traffic police will escort all incoming teams and their equipment to the exercise venue.

The Ukrainian Government has decided that until 1 September 2005 citizens of EU member states, Canada, Switzerland and USA can enter Ukrainian territory without visa. It is expected that this measure will be extended.

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