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Request for Assistance from Romania
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Flood assistance to Romania

On 19 May, the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Co-ordination Centre received from Romania a request for assistance in coping with flooding in the country.

Due to massive rainfalls in April and May, torrents and rivers have swelled causing major flooding and landslides. The rainfalls have been considerable, exceeding 70-200 litres per square meter in the West of the country and even more in certain areas.

Altogether 393 settlements and 5467 houses have been affected, with 830 houses being destroyed. The floods damaged 269 and destroyed 13 bridges. So far four victims have been reported.

In line with its procedures, the EADRCC has forwarded the request to NATO and partner countries and has begun publishing daily situation reports on the development of the situation, the assistance provided and the outstanding needs.


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