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Situation Reports
25 August (PDF/30Kb)
22 August (PDF/38Kb)
18 August (PDF/40Kb)
17 August (PDF/34,7Kb)
12 August (PDF/38,5Kb)
9 August (PDF/176Kb)
8 August (PDF/191Kb)
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3 August (PDF/31Kb)
1 August (PDF/27Kb)
28 July (PDF/23Kb)
22 July (PDF/28Kb)
20 July (PDF/26Kb)
New request for assistance 19 July (PDF/29Kb)
23 June (PDF/18Kb)
17 June (PDF/28Kb)
14 June (PDF/28Kb)
13 June (PDF/29Kb)
11 June (PDF/29Kb)
10 June (PDF/19Kb)
Request for Assistance from Bulgaria
New request for assistance 19 July (PDF/29Kb)
9 June (PDF/30Kb)
Video footage of the floods in Bulgaria (.wmv/11MB)

Assisting with flood relief in Bulgaria

As a result of heavy torrential rainfalls and hails, which have occurred since the second half of May, dangerous flooding situations have developed in the area of Sofia, Lovech, Targovishte, Veliko Tarnovo, Vratza, Pleven, Rousse, Pernik, and Sofia District Regions.

On 9 June, the EADRCC has received a request for assistance from Bulgaria and - in line with its procedures - has forwarded the request to NATO and partner countries and has begun publishing daily situation reports on the development of the situation, the assistance provided and the outstanding needs.


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