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Exercise “Ferghana 2003”, scheduled to take place from 28 to 30 April 2003, is a contribution by Uzbekistan to NATO's 2003 Partnership for Peace work programme.
  • Aims and objectives
  • Location and timeline
  • Scenario
  • Participating countries
  • Regional Cooperation
  • UN Involvement
  • Press Advisory and Media accreditation
    Situation Reports
  • Report 1 (.PDF/14Kb)
  • Report 2 (.PDF/15Kb)
  • Report 3 (.PDF/34Kb)
  • Report 4 (.PDF/10Kb)
    Exercice Presentation
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    Ferghana 2003

    28-30 April 2003 - Uzbekistan

    Final Press Release
    With the completion of Ferghana 2003, initial conclusions can be drawn and lessons learnt from this multinational exercise involving over 19 countries, either as participants or observers. There were a number of difficulties at the beginning of Ferghana 2003 - as in any exercise - but eventually teams operated well together and objectives were achieved.
    Highlights from Day 2: 29 April 2003
    Today, the relief operations continued. The teams worked on 5 sites with fire fighting, search and rescue, mountain rescue, first aid and a medical treatment as well as evacuation from dangerous sites.
    Highlights from Day 1: 28 April 2003
    Despite the usual difficulties which occur at the beginning of any exercise, the first day of Ferghana 2003 went smoothly and the teams worked well. The on-site commanders reported good experiences with the teams assigned to them, which were all very professional, knew how to operate, and performed effectively. On this first day, the operation focused mainly on searchand rescue, fire- fighting and first aid.

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