15 May 2008

Allied and Ukrainian Chiefs of Defence
meet at NATO

The Ukrainian Chief of Defence, General  of the Army  Serhiy Kyrychenko, attended a Military Committee meeting with Ukraine at Chiefs of Defence level at NATO Headquarters on 15 May.

The Chiefs of Defence assessed the first half of the 2008 Work Plan on military cooperation between NATO and Ukraine.

General Kyrychenko also briefed his Allied counterparts on the transformation and improved operational capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces. They expressed their full support for the transformation processes and welcomed Ukraine's transparency regarding both achievements and challenges in this area.

The NATO defence chiefs reiterated their appreciation for Ukraine's participation in all NATO-led operations and its offer to support the NATO Response Force, which demonstrate the country's commitment to peace, security and stability.

General Kyrychenko also participated, for the first time, in separate meetings involving non-NATO nations that contribute troops to the UN-mandated, NATO-led peace-support operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo.