From the event

28 Apr. 2008

NATO consultations with Georgia

Mr. David Bakradze, the Special Envoy of Georgia, visited NATO HQ today. Following a bilateral meeting with the Secretary General, Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Mr. Bakradze held discussions with the North Atlantic Council (NAC) as part of the intensive political dialogue established in the decisions of the recent NATO Bucharest summit.

Two themes dominated the meeting with Ambassadors. The first focussed on the upcoming agenda of political engagements prior to the Foreign Ministers meeting in December where Georgia’s membership aspirations to join the Membership Action Plan (MAP) will be considered. For example, there was agreement that the Council would travel to Georgia during the coming months.

Second, the Georgian Envoy provided information on his country’s position regarding the current situation in and around Georgia, including on the latest developments with regard to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. He shared with the Allies the details of the Georgian President’s offer of a peace plan for Abkhazia, Georgia, as well as information on the recent shooting down of a Georgian drone.

Allies reaffirmed their strong support to Georgian sovereignty and territorial integrity, and their view that the Russian Federation should reverse the recent steps which undermine that sovereignty.  Ambassadors also described statements by Russian officials and political figures considering a possible use of force by Russia in Georgian territory as unhelpful.