25 Apr. 2008

NATO’s first multimedia exhibition
moves to Brussels

NATO’s first ever multimedia display uses a mix of interactive, video, photographic and print media to provide a broad overview of the Alliance and its continuous transformation to adjust to new security challenges.

Created by NATO's Public Diplomacy Division (PDD), the exhibition was first presented to the public, as well as delegates and heads of state and government prior to and during the Bucharest Summit. The exhibition will be on display at NATO HQ in Brussels during the month of May.

Featuring photos from NATO’s operation theaters such as Afghanistan or Kosovo, but also videos, texts and even an interactive quiz, the display aims to increase public awareness of the Alliance's initiatives to promote stability and security. It also illustrates NATO’s support in lesser known areas, such as civil emergency planning and scientific collaboration.

A virtual version of the exhibition can be viewed via the internet , and can also be ordered on CD-ROM  from the NATO e-Bookshop.