9 Apr. 2008

Fostering closer working relations

The NATO Standardization Agency (NSA) and the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) are forging ahead to take their already close relationship to a higher level.

On 3 March 2008, the Director NSA, VADM Juan A. Moreno and the Chief of Staff ACT, Lt Gen Jan Arp signed a letter of agreement to foster their working relationship in the area of transformation. Both NATO bodies need to coordinate their efforts to achieve the level of interoperability required by the forces of the Alliance and partners. These responsibilities have been clearly laid out in the agreement.

NSA and ACT see standardization as the main tool to interoperability, which is one of the priority goals of NATO transformation.

Lt Gen Jan Arp and VAdm Juan A. Moreno are convinced that the letter of agreement develop into a memorandum of understanding which will provide guidance and promote efficiency in the joint effort of reaching interoperability.

For more information about standardization and interoperability, visit NSA’s web page on http://nsa.nato.int.