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  • April 2008 - NATO
    NATO-Ukraine Annual Target Plan 2008 (.PDF/401Kb)
1 Apr 2008

NATO-Ukraine Annual Target Plan 2008 

Following the approval by the NATO-Ukraine Commission and the subsequent signature of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, this year's NATO-Ukraine Annual Target Plan is now available on NATO and Ukrainian official web-sites.

This 6th Annual Target Plan sets clear reform targets and activities in different areas including internal political issues, foreign and security policy, defence and security sector reform, public information, economic and legal issues, and information security.

In some areas, the targets are to be met through internal actions by Ukraine. In others, joint NATO-Ukraine actions have been agreed. It is worth mentioning that the Ukrainian civil society took an active part in its development. The implementation of the Annual Target Plan will be overviewed on a regular basis by the NATO-Ukraine Commission.

Meeting these targets will be a step towards achieving the long-term strategic objectives identified in the 2002 NATO-Ukraine Action Plan, which aims to bring Ukraine closer to its goal of Euro-Atlantic integration.