From the event

25 Oct 2007

NATO-Russia consultations in Noordwijk

The last meeting of the Noordwijk ministerial brought together Defence Ministers from Allied countries and Russia in the framework of the NATO-Russia Council (NRC).

Minister Serdyukov and his counterparts engaged in a frank discussion on outstanding current questions of international security, including Kosovo, conventional armed forces in Europe (CFE Treaty), missile defence and Afghanistan.

While some divergences on some issues still remain, all 27 Ministers agreed on the continued value of open dialogue and mutually beneficent cooperation.

They have also carried out a positive evaluation of specific projects undertaken in the defence basket of the NRC framework. These include such activities as Theatre Missile Defence (a computer-assisted exercise is planned to take place next month), counter-terrorism cooperation (e.g. military operation in the Mediterranean Sea, Cooperative Airspace Initiative) and discussions on respective military reforms.

Special attention was paid to Afghanistan. Allies and Russia share the view that comprehensive solutions are needed in the country. Ministers agreed to continue the successful training project for counter-narcotics experts from Afghanistan and neighbouring countries, as well as to look into further ways of enhancing cooperation on logistic support to ISAF.