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8 Oct . 2007

NATO Secretary General discusses
Afghanistan in Denmark

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NATO Secretary General, Mr. Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, met Monday 8 October in Copenhagen with the Danish Prime Minister, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Per Stig Møller and the Minister of Defence, Mr. Søren Gade.

They discussed the NATO-led missions in Afghanistan and Kosovo, as well as the upcoming NATO Summit in Bucharest next year.

The Secretary General praised the Danish Government for its key contribution in Afghanistan and emphasized that Denmark’s engagement is making a difference in that country.

Prime Minister Fogh Rasmussen stressed that his country remains seriously committed to security in Afghanistan.  Both pointed out to the need for a solid comprehensive approach in Afghanistan.

De Hoop Scheffer also attended a Public Diplomacy seminar on NATO-led operations, where he underlined the importance of engaging with our publics and parliaments. “As NATO we have an obligation to be as open and transparent as possible about what we are doing and why,” he said.  The Secretary General also mentioned that the Alliance will adapt its communication tools to the new media environment.