From the event

12 Sep 2007

NATO Afghanistan commander, senior representative brief press


General Dan McNeill, Commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, and Ambassador Daan Everts, NATO Senior Civilian Representative, visited NATO Headquarters on 12 September to discuss NATO’s mission in Afghanistan.

In a meeting with NATO Allies and non-NATO ISAF troop contributing nations, General McNeill and Ambassador Everts addressed a number of issues relating to the conduct of operations, as well as to NATO/ISAF’s support to counter-narcotics efforts and to institution-building in Afghanistan.

In a briefing to journalists, both representatives took stock of recent achievements but underlined the need to remain committed and complete the job.

Training of the Afghan National Security Forces – Army and Police - and the development of good governance were designated as two major challenges ahead for the establishment of long-lasting security and stability in Afghanistan. Support to the Afghan Government’s counter-narcotics efforts was also reaffirmed, while pointing out that ISAF should not be regarded as an ‘eradication force’.

The build up and training of the Afghan National Army (ANA) were progressing well, General McNeill said, but ISAF was ‘still not at a juncture’ where it could be supplanted: ‘the time is simply not there yet’, he insisted.