2 Aug 2007

Video highlights five years of change in Afghanistan

A brief video highlights some of the changes in education, reconstruction and economic development in Afghanistan over the past five years.

After 25 years of war and just over five years since the fall of the Taliban regime, Afghanistan is now one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia. Beyond this, some 7 million girls and boys are now attending school.

The seven-minute video, commissioned by NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division, shows some of the work carried out by NATO and NATO-led Provincial Reconstruction Teams in cooperation with Afghan partners, including the training of Afghan forces, assisting with key infrastructure, health and education projects and providing a safe and secure environment.

The video is available for viewing and distribution in both low- and high-resolution versions. For professional and educational use, DVD, HDV, MiniDV, Betacam, raw footage, English and international versions (with transcripts) are available on request from Please remember to indicate the organization, mailing address, version, format and standard required as well as the intended use when contacting us.