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Georgia begins Intensified Dialogue with NATO

21 Sept 2006
NATO offers Intensified Dialogue to Georgia
The Partnership for Peace
Official texts
Bullet 29/11/2006 - NATO
Riga Summit Declaration

The first round of consultations between NATO and Georgian officials in the context of Georgia's "Intensified Dialogue" on its membership aspirations and related reforms took place on 14 December.

The talks covered a broad range of issues, from the main outcomes of the Riga Summit to the expectations NATO member countries have for potential members in the political, military, financial, legal and security spheres.

The two sides also discussed the work plan for Intensified Dialogue for 2007, which will consist of a series of focused discussions between Georgia, the NATO International Staff and NATO member countries.

Charting the way ahead

The Georgian delegation was headed by State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Giorgi Baramidze and the NATO International Staff delegation was lead by the Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs and Security Policy, Ambassador Martin Erdmann.

Georgia was offered an "Intensified Dialogue" by the North Atlantic Council in September 2006.

Georgia subsequently submitted an initial discussion paper to NATO, which will serve as the basis for Intensified Dialogue discussions.

The Intensified Dialogue process will complement and enhance Georgia's Individual Partnership Action Plan with NATO.

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