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26 Oct. 2006


NATO Secretary General visits Russia

25/10/2006 - NATO
NATO Secretary General to visit Russia
NATO-Russia relations
NATO and arms control
Transcript of NATO Secretary General's press conference the Itar-Tass news agency
Audio of the Itar-Tass press conference (.MP3/11006Kb)
High resolution photos of NATO Secretary General's visit to Russia

On 26 October the NATO Secretary General met with President Putin and discussed the key issues on the NATO-Russia agenda, including how to deepen military-to-military cooperation and how to further stimulate political exchanges between the Allies and Russia.

They also addressed some more contentious issues, including the ratification of the CFE Treaty and relations between Georgia and Russia.

Both President Putin and the Secretary General said that the state of NATO-Russia relations was good and that there is scope for much more.

The Secretary General also met Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov, Secretary of the Security Council Igor Ivanov, Deputy Speaker of the Duma Lyubov Sliska and other members of the parliament and government.