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21 Sep 2006


First NATO-Afghan Student Forum

Bullet 20/09/06 - NATO
NATO-Afghan student forum
Bullet NATO in Afghanistan
Bullet High resolution photos of the NATO-Afghan Student forum

NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division will host its first NATO-Afghan Student Forum from 21 to 23 September 2006 at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

Forty European students and ten Afghans from Kabul University will join this three-day programme which will take place in the context of the United Nations International Peace Day on 21 September.

The forum will focus on NATO’s mission in Afghanistan and its implications for the every-day life of Afghan people. The distance between Europe and Afghanistan makes it difficult for Europeans to imagine the life of young people in the country and the impact of NATO’s work. How has NATO’s presence in Afghanistan changed the life of Afghans? How do they perceive NATO? The NATO-Afghan Student Forum aims at giving young Europeans the possibility of meeting Afghan counterparts, of exchanging views and of learning about Afghan life through personal contacts.

The NATO Deputy Secretary General, Ambassador Alessandro Minuto Rizzo, will join the student’s discussion on 21 September at 16:30 to which media is also invited. Interviews with the students can be arranged during the seminar.