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13 Sep 2006


First meeting of NATO transformation chiefs

Bullet 13/09/2006 - ACT
ACT Chiefs of Transformation conference wraps up
Bullet Website of the Allied Command Transformation

The first ever meeting of chiefs of transformation from NATO countries, held at Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia, US, wrapped up on 13 September 2006.

The conference, attended by leaders of military transformation from 25 of the 26 NATO countries, focussed on harmonizing transformation goals of both the Alliance and individual countries, by sharing experiences, lessons learned and best practices.

Website launched

We are establishing important ties with all of the member nations to better co-ordinate our collective transformational efforts,” said Lt. Gen James Soligan, ACT’s deputy chief of staff for transformation, “This and future conferences will help ensure that we are moving toward these goals together.”

Themes such as interoperability, future capabilities, defence planning, joint education and training, concept development and experimentation were addressed.

As well as sharing expertise and building networks among senior leaders, results of the meeting included the introduction of a dedicated website that countries can use to post key contacts, list areas of focus, engage in online discussions, and share information.

Allied Command Transformation was created as part of the 2002 reorganisation of the NATO command structure. Its role is to promote transformation and interoperability of Alliance militaries in order to ensure NATO's forces are trained and structured to meet the challenges of the new security environment.